Welcome to Nevermore

Families and friends having fun playing board games at Nevermore Game Club in Riverside

Nevermore Game Club is a place to play games. We have a library of over 600 board games including party games (like Apples to Apples), strategy games (e.g. Catan), co-op games (such as Pandemic), deduction games like Clue, and family games. We have food and drinks for sale as well as themed retail. Players can play in our open gaming area or opt to play in one of our fantasy gaming spaces such as “the dungeon.” We welcome families and friends (and definitely singles) to come check us out.

Play your old favorites, browse for something new, or ask us for a recommendation.


Romantic indoor courtyard.  A great place for playing board games on a Date Night.
  • Wednesday – Friday: 6-10pm (or up to 11:30 if people are still playing)
  • Saturday and Sunday: 2-10pm (or up to 11:30 if people are still playing)

We can’t wait to see you.

Nevermore Game Club, LLC
1450 University Avenue, Suite L. Riverside, California

(951) 224-9109

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