Official Opening, October 1 (just around the corner)

We are so excited that we are ready to be officially open (not just open-ish) and we look forward to seeing some of you at our Opening Celebration on Saturday (likely at 2pm…check back). We will have tiny gifts for everybody who comes to celebrate with us and we will have balloons. Probably. Unless they are not a good idea ecologically. It is also, coincidentally, the first day of October so we will start decorating for the awesomeness that is Halloween.

So what does it mean to be officially open after weeks of previews. These are a few of the major changes in store at Nevermore after Saturday.

  • We will begin events on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Weekend afternoons. Our first event will be Welcome Wednesday (1/4) and we will bring out all of our ice breaker party games (Red Flags, Likewise, What’s Yours like) and hopefully help people get connected to some new people. We will post the full calendar for the next week or so on the Website, on Instagram and on the Chalkboard at Nevermore.
  • Those of you who remember the early days of careful swiping on the iPad POS) which involved some meditation and deep breathing exercise) will be happy to know that our official POS is in in place and ready to take chips and taps (as well as cash). We feel more real now and everything should be…a bit more functional.
  • We have Wifi. Based on the awesome suggestions given by our Instagram followers, the network is Amontillado and the password is (just kidding, I would not post that on the internet)
  • Our pass prices will change to $7 to play and $10 for all day.
  • Our hours will expand to include first Wednesday and Thursday and then eventually Tuesday when we have more staffing.
  • We will be hiring friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you have the ultimate gaming experience.

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