Escape Mystery Adventures

Can your team succeed?

Adventures (like escape rooms, without the locked door).

We are building a number of small escapes, one for each of our specialized fantasy rooms. The Adventures cost $50 per adventure (for your whole party) and are appropriate for up to 5 brave souls. There are no locked doors (to get out, that is), and they not timed (unless you want them to be). Each adventure will likely take between 30 minutes and one hour. As a bonus, the whole party is welcome to stay and enjoy some tabletop games after their adventure.

Defeat of the Lich Lord, a Dungeon Adventure

The Dungeon has something…evil lurking within and we are in need of a few brave adventures (up to 4) to return it to its normal level of simple creepiness. The successful party will be rewarded.

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“Poe’s Ghost”, A Tavern Adventure

Somehow our tavern has become haunted by a ghost with a keen resemblance to E. A. Poe. The task for your team is to figure out what “Ghost Poe” needs and free him to to return to…wherever. Be warned – you have one hour, and you will need to do this in near darkness.

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