Nevermore Gaming Passes

A play pass is your ticket to fun. We are offering 2 official types of passes right now that allow access to our main gaming room, our other (unbooked) magical spaces, and our collection of around 700 board games. Some of these passes exist, some are just myths.

Types of passes (Actual and Mythical)

Play Pass

A play pass is $7 and allows an unlimited gaming fun in a single visit.

Day Pass

A day pass is $10 and allows unlimited in and out privileges for a day. Go get something to eat, go feed your cat, whatever, but then come back for more fun. Also, if you are leaving and know you want to come back in the same day (maybe you got 43 levels into the Crew and can’t stop now, but you really need to do some laundry), and you bought a play pass, you can retroactively upgrade for $4. There might be a hand stamp. And it might be cool.

Monthly Pass

We now offer a monthly membership pass. The cost is $25 for an individual month or $20/month for an auto renewing subscription. The passes can be gifted and purchased on the site or at Nevermore.

Family Pass

The family pass is $25 and includes up to 2 adults and up to 4 munchkins (children up to age 12) from a single-ish household for a spectacular family outing.

Annual Pass (mythical)

Rare. Very rare.

Lifetime Pass

This pass is not for sale. Only one family has a lifetime pass at this point. But one never knows.