Nevermore Gaming Spaces

We have a variety of fun spaces for playing in Nevermore. In addition to our warm and inviting main open gaming area, we have several fantastical locations: The Dungeon, the Courtyard, the Apothecary and the Tavern, each with its own unique fantasy vibe. These spaces are available first come first served for all visitors unless they are reserved.

When visitors book our spaces, they are welcome to bring in food from outside venues, as the booking cost includes a cleaning fee. However, we are not allowed to have alcohol on the premises.

All spaces can be booked for as little as one hour and as long as we are open in a day. Some spaces may even be available when we are not typically open, upon special request. Longer bookings will eliminate the play pass costs for the guests. Book Now

The Spaces

The Dungeon

This semi-creepy dungeon is a perfect place to play board games or Dungeons and Dragons

The Dungeon room will create just the right mood for your Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or even a particularly grueling game of Uno (one group played Candyland in here, which was actually somewhat creepy). Perhaps this is a medieval tower, or a council of kings, or an actual dank and foreboding dungeon, whatever your mood and D&D module requires, this room can make it happen. We can seat 8 at the table, somewhat cozily.

The cost to book this space is $10/hour and any booking of 4 hours or more includes a play pass for up to 8 players. Bring your own snacks, or pick some up from the adventurer’s cafe. Book Now

The Courtyard

A mysterious courtyard at night, the crickets chirp, the cool breeze blows and there is a mystery around every corner.  A fun place to bring family and friends. A perfect romatic setting to play board games on Date Night

In this space, you will imagine you are in a garden, a forest, a park or a plaza in a European town. The perfect place to play chess, have a romantic evening, or to host a larger gathering of people to enjoy the vibe. For events, the Courtyard can hold 15 people for $50/hour and any booking of 4 hours or more includes a play pass for up to 15 players. Book Now

The Apothecary

Warm and inviting, this space includes a bar height table for 4 or 5, and a distinctly medieval flavor. A warm and friendly place to play Board Games

The Apothecary is a lovely place to enjoy a slightly creepy medieval vibe, & the perfect place to play a nice game of The Night Cage, Village Crone or Salem. For events, it is not possible to completely close this area off unless one books the Tavern as well, as they share an entrance. It holds 4-5 people at $15/hour and any booking of 4 hours or more includes a play pass for up to 5 players. Book Now

The Tavern

[the SECRET room – no pictures, because it’s SECRET. But take our word for it, it’s very cool]

This space can be booked alone for a private event for 6 people or can be combined with the Apothecary for a larger party (discount on combined room booking). At $15/hour, this space is the perfect place to unwind after a long adventure. Any booking of 4 hours or more includes a play pass for up to 6. Book now

The Terms and Conditions:


If upon arrival, you are unhappy with the room you have booked, or have more guests than expected, we are happy to help find additional space or offer a full refund.


Booking and using spaces at Nevermore Game Club constitutes agreement to hold Nevermore Game Club LLC harmless for injuries (physical, psychological or economic, or otherwise) acquired while in their facility.

Reservation of Rights

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. If you are asked to leave before you have used the contracted facility at all, you will receive a full refund. If you are asked to leave because of behavior of you or members of your party while in the space, we reserve the right to refuse a refund.