What about food?

The adventurer’s cafe serves a variety of comestibles and libations for the hungry (or thirsty) adventurer.

Pringles 1/2 cans – $1
Other chips – $1
Snake cakes – $1
Whatever other random awesomeness we find out in the world (also likely a dollar)

Small Meals
Various small plates …………….. $4
(e.g. with cheeses, proteins, crackers, olives)
Even Smaller Plates ……………. $2

Jamaican Savory Pies ……………. $2
Burritos (Large) ……………………… $2
Burritos (Small) ……………………….$1

We have the world’s most Delicious Mousse for $3.50. Seriously.

Sodas (Coke, Dr. P, Mt. Dew, Sprite, Rockstar and diet versions of some) – $1
Fancy Drinks (Arizona Tea, Peace Tea, Java Monster, other coffee drinks. etc) – $2
Keurig Coffee (ordinary and extra ordinary) – $1
Cocoa – $1
Water is always free (and cold) from our cold water dispenser.

Maybe we will change it up all the time. Maybe we will invite food trucks. We have no idea.

Feel free to bring in your own drinks as long as they are lidded and non-alcoholic. There are several cafes in the near vicinity.

We do ask that our visitors refrain from bringing in meals from outside unless they have booked one of our bookable gaming spaces. The booking cost includes a cleaning fee.

And just maybe, if you have an all-day pass and there is an open room, we will sneak you (and your food) into it.

What food would you want to see in a game club?

4 thoughts on “What about food?

  1. Kyle Sweeney says:

    Jeffrox Adobo is a good local food company. They are working towards a food truck.

    1. Gamesmaster says:

      Thanks! I couldn’t find any contact for this business. We are specifically looking for local, licensed food providers who can deliver pre-packaged items for cold holding, and maybe eventually hot holding if people are interested. If that is something Jeffrox Adobo can do, I hope they will contact us.

    1. Gamesmaster says:

      Great question. We will likely have employees who are under 18 and we are definitely not ready to deal with the paperwork.


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