What is an Emporium of Mysteries?

The emporium of mysteries invites adventurers to spend their coin on fantastical wares from far off locations to enhance their homes, assist in future adventures or simply look wonderful. A few brave adventures will also chose to spend their coin to participate in quests to enhance their experience and prestige.

Magical Merchandise

Candles, Dungeons and Dragon (D&D) Dice, leather journals and quill pens.  Just the right ambiance for an adventure.

Candles, gems, dice, and other rare and not-so rare artifacts. We have a few samples available to see in our online shop. We do not ship, but you can come pick up your loot at Nevermore anytime.

Adventures (like escape rooms, without the locked door).

We are building a number of small escapes, one for each of our specialized fantasy rooms. Our first Adventure takes place in the Dungeon.

Defeat of the Lich Lord, a Dungeon Adventure

The Dungeon has something…evil lurking within and we are in need of a few brave adventures (up to 4) to return it to its normal level of simple creepiness. However, there will be a cost ($50). Adventurers should be prepared for this adventure to take some time (between 1/2 hour and 45 minutes). The whole party is welcome to stay and enjoy some tabletop games after their adventure.